The Real Deal: Local libraries offer relief from high expenses of back-to-school shopping

Local libraries are a great source for books year-round, especially during back-to-school season.
Caleb Silver, with Investopedia, says inflation is hitting everyone and everywhere and it's going to hit kids going back to school in the fall.
The cost of books, pens, and pencils will add up - but they're also the items that may not be top of mind.
"Lunch meats are up 18% year over year, haircuts are up 6.3%, musical instruments up 5.6% and college tuition and fees up 2.2%," Silver says.
Instead of heading to the store for back to school - take a ride to your local library.
The old fashioned thought is that the library carries books - which is true and can probably help kids get a step ahead in the classroom.
The Westport Library, for example, offers much more - they have their makers space which people can build and create within the library of things that gives everyone the chance to take out an item that may become a new interest.
They also have computers and printers available to use and something you can't put a price on - a quiet space to learn.
Local libraries have physical materials that can be used to further a child's learning - they also contain wonderful resources and people to support a healthy brain.