The Real Deal: These sectors are seeing a major hiring boom.

Unemployment rates are seeing a strong rebound and several sectors are seeing a hiring boom.
Caleb Silver, of Investopedia, says some good places to look for a job are in the entertainment, accommodations, and recreation sectors.
Ethan Isaac, of Factory Underground recording studio in Norwalk, runs a production company and audio and film school to cater to young people and professionals who want to grow and learn in the industry so they can advance their careers.
"We are working with people that are already established that are looking to get more knowledge and up their skill set and we are working with a lot of people that have a lot of young students that might be in high school and are just starting their career," Isaac says.  
Isaac says that even though people tend to think the industry is slowing down, it's actually booming thanks to podcasts, sports radio and streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.
"There is a shortage in Connecticut and there's a shortage in this region and so this is good area for our students to go into as well," Isaac says.