The Real Deal: Tips to make our food last

We throw out a pound of food per person each day in this country, experts say.
With staggering prices at the supermarket, we need to find ways to make our food last.
News 12's consumer reporter Janice Lieberman asked the experts for some tips:

1. Shop the specials

It's a way for retailers to get you into their stores. If you are smart and don't stray from your list, you can pick up some great deals.

2. Freeze it

If it's on sale, grab it now and put it into your freezer. Freezing was the take away from the pandemic, experts say, as we had no choice but to buy a lot at once and make our meals last. Buying fresh isn't always the best, one expert recommends stocking your freezer full of frozen veggies and berries.

3. Buy in season

When you buy fresh, go for the powerhouse and inexpensive produce. Sweet potatoes, carrots, leafy vegetables and bananas. Always buy what's in season, it's cheaper and tastier.

4. Get a few meals out of one buy

Always try to get a few meals out of one buy. If you have ground turkey, make meatballs one night and quesadillas later in the week.

5. Check your pantry

Check your pantry before you shop. You may already have what you need for a recipe. If your veggies are about to wilt, throw them in a soup or stew. Use over riped bananas for banana bread.

6. Stick to your list

Stick to your list and don't shop hungry!