The Real Deal: What happens to leftover food at restaurants? Here’s the app that will help you and them save

Restaurants waste tons of food each year, but as News 12 Consumer Reporter Janice Lieberman says in The Real Deal -- their loss may be your gain.
It's called Too Good To Go.Restaurants and other food sellers offering customers a surprise bag of food that probably would be thrown out after their eateries’ busy time. Alex Rosner owns several Bagel Boss locations and is a participating member of the app.
“So basically you sign on to the app either night before the morning of and there's a secured amount of spots per location,” says Rosner. “So, we have either between three or five spots. Customer comes in at the end of the day around two or three and they get their surprise bag.”
Since 2 p.m. is after the lunch crowd, the extra bagels need a home. So, for around $5, you could walk out with over a dozen bagels or baked goods -- a bag of goodies worth at least $17.
Rosner says when first approached by Too Good To Go, he realized the concept was a no brainer, and signed up.
“I think it's just a win, win,” says Rosner. “You're giving back, you're not throwing anything out, and at the end of the day, you're still making a little bit of money, which is inevitably what it's all about.”
The app offers deals all over the tri-state area. Just put in your location and find meals like deli, pizza, seafood and more.
So not only are you saving on food, not cooking at home, but you are also preventing waste -- and what you don't use today, save for tomorrow.
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