The Real Deal: What's worth your money when it comes to back-to-school tech?

Parents will spend an average of $300 on back-to-school electronics per child.
To find out what's really worth it, and what's not, News 12's consumer reporter Janice Lieberman visited CNET's Testing Lab, where they look at different products to tell you what's worth your money.
"It's a good time for sales... It's also easy to overbuy technology for back to school, although you do want to invest in stuff that maybe you can use year after year," says CNET's Dan Ackerman.
Ackerman picked out some under-$100 items that he thinks are really good for any student.
Some of the items are a power cube and an Apple Air Tag.
What's the biggest mistake parents make? Overspending on a laptop you don't need. The experts at CNET say you can get away with a Chromebook, let's say, for $500 to $600.
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