The ‘shocking’ rapid spread of Omicron and what it means for holiday gatherings

This morning, News 12's Doug Geed was joined by frequent guest Dr. Daniel Griffin, Chief of Infectious Diseases for ProHealth Care. They spoke about the “shocking” rapidity of the Omicron variant and the importance of being vaccinated, which has proved to lessen the blow of a breakthrough infection.
In just weeks since the variant was discovered in South Africa, the Omicron variant is now by far the most dominant strain of the coronavirus to date around the world. It has caused the pause of the NHL season – the first major pro sports league in North America to suspend games until after Christmas.
President Joe Biden unveiled his new plan to fight the surge. It includes purchasing 500,000 at-home rapid tests to give out to Americans who request them through a website. The president is also preparing to deploy 1,000 military personnel to help hospitals overburdened by cases.
Dr. Griffin answered your coronavirus questions as gatherings for Christmas and New Year’s approach.
Did the original strain of COVID-19 spread more rapidly? Is the Delta variant gone?
Breakthrough cases used to be relatively rare. Is that now out the window? Why get a vaccination if you are going to get sick anyway? Why wear a seatbelt if you are inside a speeding car?
Dr. Griffin breaks down COVID-19 reinfections. 
How does the pandemic end? Will COVID-19 be with us forever?