Therapist: Spears news opens door for chat with kids

One Norwalk family therapist says news about the pregnancy of Britney Spears? 16-year-old sister, Jamie Lynn, can open doors for parents to talk to their children about unprotected sex.
Jamie Lynn is known all over the world as the actress and star of Nickelodeon?s ?Zoey 101.? She recently announced her pregnancy in an upcoming issue of OK! magazine. Jamie Lynn says the father of her child is her boyfriend, Casey Alderidge.
Family therapist Anne Whyte says parents whose children look up to Jamie Lynn as a role model need to sit down with their kids to explain how the decisions they make can change their lives forever. Whyte says even if parents don?t agree with Spears and her decision to become a parent at such an early age, they should not make her out to be a villain.
?If you attack someone that your child really, really admires, you just shut down your entire conversation because they think you don?t know anything,? Whyte says. ??you want to keep the conversation going.?
Whyte also says that parents need to tell their children that this situation is not something their family would choose for them.