‘There is nothing I can do.’ Bridgeport mother of shooting victim details challenges ahead

A Bridgeport mother spoke to News 12 for the first time since her daughter was critically injured in a shooting over the summer.
Police say Montrejah Martin, 16, was attending a party in Delaware this past June when a bullet pierced her head. Martin is now in a wheelchair and will have to learn how to walk again, said her mother Stevonya Robinson.
"My baby is suffering from a traumatic brain injury and there is nothing I can do as her mother to make her better,” said Robinson.
Robinson added she and her kids moved out of Bridgeport to Delaware earlier this year to escape the gun violence. They came back to Bridgeport after the shooting incident.
“I have a lot of emotions but I try to keep them in because I try to like thank God that I did make it,” said Martin.
Police say two Delaware men -- 19-year-old Jyair Gordon and 21-year-old Shakeem Ingram -- have been arrested in connection with the shooting.
"I can't snap my fingers and everything's okay," Robinson said. "This is going to be a long road for us. It's a long road to recovery."
Robinson acknowledged her family trying to raise enough money to build a wheelchair ramp so Martin can get in and out of her home.