‘They got closer since that night.’ Owner praises pigs in New Milford bear battle

Two pigs teamed up to scare off a Black bear in New Milford.
As News 12 has reported, the pigs, Mary and Hammie came head-to-head with the bear.
The pigs are part of New Milford resident's Rebecca Shaw's family.

“They are spoiled rotten, they are a good therapy for me, they’re just so loveable. People underestimate pigs," says Shaw.

However, Shaw says there are some things you may not see is their willingness to protect each other and their turf and it was all caught on camera.

A nuisance bear, known to the area, was lounging around their pen Thursday evening, later coming head-to-head with Mary.

"Mary started it when he jumped over it, she slammed him up against the fence and then she backed off and then Hammie came running out," said Shaw.

The dynamic duo scared the bear off, and although it's business as usual now, Shaw says the two have a new profound relationship.

"I think they got closer since that night. I really do," says

Shaw is now working to make sure security around her bear fighting pigs are up to par and hopes to add electric wiring.