Third-grader shows off knife to Bridgeport girl

A Bridgeport mother is upset after a third-grader allegedly threatened her daughter with a knife in school.
According to the mother, who doesn't want to be identified, the boy showed her daughter the knife in the library of Beardsley School. The woman claims the boy then threatened to beat up her daughter if she told anyone.
"It's a knife, he's a child," the parent said. "He shouldn't be carrying around a knife. He threatened my child." The mother is pushing to have the boy expelled when the suspension is over.
The woman's daughter told her teacher about the incident when she left the library. A security guard later confiscated the contraband. A school official confirmed that the 8-year-old was suspended for 10 days.
The incident has left other parents with children at Beardsley School wondering whether metal detectors should be installed there, the way they are in high schools.