Thousands of flights across the US canceled Monday. Here’s what travelers need to know.

Many travelers are still scrambling to get home after thousands of flights across the U.S. were canceled Monday to cap off the long weekend.
Flyers kept a close eye on the flight status board today after 1,500 flights across the country were canceled Monday. Airlines are struggling to keep up without enough workers.
"You would hope that they would have a better schedule, especially knowing that it's going to be an increase of people wanting to travel,” says Camila Garcia.
AAA says air travel this weekend was up 25% over last year, with over 3 million people flying. Some people at the airport say airlines should have been better prepared.
"Airports should definitely plan ahead, because people are paying a lot for these flights,” says Nicholas Delgado.
At the airport today, there were 27 delays and seven canceled flights. Those who didn't face any hiccups were counting their blessings.
"I was checking my phone because I got a phone call from my mom, and she told me there were a bunch of cancelations and so I checked and I had no problem,” says Suwayne Gibson.
If you are heading out today, make sure you check your flight status before you go.