Thunderbolt 12: Checking on icy roads in Norwalk

News 12 Connecticut's Justin Devellis was in Norwalk checking out road conditions tonight.
Norwalk DPW Superintendent of Operations Chris Torre says crews will be staying overnight to help with emergency services.
"I would advise staying off the roads. I would keep off the roads should it get super icy,” Torre said. “We've had accidents happen in the past where DPW has responded and our truck has actually crashed into the accident car, so please stay off the road and let emergency services do what they got to do."
He says overnight crews will proactively monitor each section of the city.
“It’s been a couple years since we’ve had to worry about keeping trucks overnight because of black ice and freezing rain and plummeting temperatures,” said Torre.
Torre said most of the crews returning to work at 4 a.m. to start salting the roads for morning rush hour.
He warned that people should look out for the black ice.