‘Take it really slow.’ DOT says black ice a concern on Connecticut roadways

News 12 Connecticut’s Tom Krosnowski spent the day in Thunderbolt 12 and saw a flurry of activity on I-95, despite the state’s first winter storm.
“There’s always some maniacs on 95, but today I think everybody’s staying cool, staying sensible,” said Wayne Fortune, who was driving to Westchester. “If we keep it that way, we should be safe and sound.”
Connecticut DOT crews and private plow drivers got an early start to the day. Krosnowski said the worst of the storm was in Milford by Point Beach when snow and flooding intersected as high-rising waves crashed and slush piled up.
The DOT is still reminding drivers to keep an eye out for any spots of slush on the road that could turn into black ice overnight.
“We are still urging people to stay home if you can. If you do have to go out, take it really slow,” said DOT Spokesperson Samaia Hernandez. “Keep a really safe distance from the plows, I’m talking a full football field length.”