Tips for navigating Connecticut's changing housing market

The housing market in Connecticut is changing once again.
Investopedia data shows that most of the state has seen a decrease in housing permits resulting in less people building.
Experts say because of the pandemic and the short supply, chain materials are more expensive so building permits are down.
Christine Oleynick, a real estate agent at Keller Williams, says despite the changes, it's still a seller's market.
"It's still a seller's market, so it’s still a good time to sell," says Oleynick.
She says home buyers shouldn't worry though.
"The higher your credit score the lower your interest rates will be, and make sure your shop around there is kind of something for everybody," Oleynick says.
Oleynick says new home buyers should also try to save now to put down a bigger down payment. She says monthly mortgage payments will also be less if more is put down.