Tom Seaver’s dementia diagnosis shines spotlight on disease

Health advocates across the state are looking to raise awareness about dementia following the diagnosis of a Hall of Fame pitcher.
Tom Seaver, a former Greenwich resident, announced he has dementia and is retiring from public life.
Thousands of families in Connecticut are impacted by the disease, as dementia affects 33 percent of the country' seniors.
Shanon Jordan, a spokesperson for the Alzheimer's Association, says high profile cases like Seavers’ can raise awareness and correct some misconceptions about the disease.
"It's not just forgetting words and repeating yourself," Jordan says. "There's many things to take into consideration. Our brain is in charge of everything we do--this disease affects every part of us and it's different for everybody."
A total of 78,000 people have been diagnosed with dementia in Connecticut and the Alzheimer's Association expects those numbers to triple in the next 30 years unless a cure is found.