Town of Stratford plans to sell Long Beach West

Stratford?s mayor announced plans to sell Long Beach West to the federal government Tuesday.
Mayor Jim Miron says selling the beach to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service will help protect its sensitive environment. Miron also says selling the beach will bring new recreational opportunities to the area for future generations.
The town of Stratford plans to sell the beach for $10 million. The sale would provide the beach with protection from the Fish and Wildlife Service. Miron says this is important, since the beach serves as an important wildlife refuge for birds and other marine life. A sales agreement would also help to redevelop the beach into a recreational site that would include a boardwalk and other amenities paid for by the government.
The mayor took members of the media on a hike along the beach Tuesday to set the record straight. He says that even though some people oppose the sale, the town will benefit tremendously. ?Misinformation ? has been floated out there by really a handful of people who have some other intent in mind,? he says.
The mayor says a public hearing will take place on the matter within the next 30 days.