Towns and cities prepare for impacts of Tropical Storm Isaias

Town and city officials are warning residents to prepare for Tropical Storm Isaias.
A tropical storm warning is in effect for Isaias which is expected to impact Stamford, Norwalk, and Bridgeport beginning Tuesday.
Officials at the Emergency Operations Center in Bridgeport are urging residents to clear any storm drains near their homes in case there's flash flooding.
They are reminding residents that is also a good idea for those who live in low-lying areas to move their cars to higher ground.
Officials say to bring in or tie down outdoor items like patio furniture, and to make sure your pets stay inside once the storm hits.
Tree removal service K&J Tree Service in Norwalk says it has been busy ahead of the storm because many homeowners want their trees taken down or trimmed.
Sen. Richard Blumenthal says he will be working with cities and towns across the state to make sure FEMA provides assistance should anyone see major damage.
Photos: Tracking Isaias