Toyota recalls nearly 200K Prius vehicles for fire concerns

Toyota is recalling nearly 200,000 Prius vehicles in the United States due to safety concerns.
The company announced Wednesday that certain 2016-2018 year Priuses are at risk for catching fire. Toyota says that the vehicles “have an engine wire harness which is connected to the hybrid vehicle Power Control Unit. A portion of the wire harness could contact the cover at this connection and wear over time, causing an electrical short circuit.” The short circuit could potentially lead to a fire.
Toyota says that repairs and preventive measures can be made to the vehicles and that they will pay for it.
Prius owners will be contacted by first class mail later this month if their vehicle is impacted by the recall.
Customers who have any questions or concerns about the recall can call Toyota customer support at 1-800-331-4331.
All vehicle recall information can be viewed at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website.