Transportation options mapped out in Westport

Rep. Chris Shays held a public forum at Westport Town Hall Monday to discuss local transportation projects that will need funding over the next six years.
Many commuters throughout southwestern Connecticut are taking a hard look at their commuting options as gas prices continue to soar through the roof. That's why Shays said the topic of state transportation is such an important one.
"We have to rebuild what we have," said Shays. "But the next issue is this, we've got to expand, we've got to have greater efficiencies, we need high-speed rail."
In addition to the potential for expanded train service, panelist Frank McArdle said the water must also be looked at as a viable form of transportation.
"We're [going to] have to look to ferries to New York, but also ferries to Long Island and up the coast so we can make it possible for people to get to the jobs in lower Fairfield County," said McArdle.
Bob Yaro, president of the Regional Planning Association, said the potential new options will likely be funded through taxpayer dollars. While some residents are bound to be upset, at least one resident said it would be worth it to help the environment.
"I think it's a good idea," said Norwalk resident Michele Riberdy. "I think if they could tie it into a reduction in carbon emissions, then that would be great."