‘Trapped’: Disabled residents stranded in complex by broken elevator

Disabled residents at a Bridgeport housing complex say a broken elevator has left them trapped on the upper floors.
Filipe Bermudes, 54, a disabled Army veteran, says he is fed up with the chronically broken elevator in Building 2 of the Green Homes Apartment complex, which is forcing him to use the stairs.
"Every time I go up and down with the help of my wife and daughter, my knees swell up," he told News 12.
Bermudes, along with other disabled residents, say the elevator broke Wednesday, leaving many of them stranded.
When the same elevator broke back in November, News 12 Connecticut reported the situation to Sen. Richard Blumenthal and Mayor Joe Ganim. It was quickly repaired.
Since then, residents say it has broken down dozens of times and housing officials have been slow to help.
Ganim says housing officials have promised to repair the broken elevator right away. He says eventually, the complex will be torn down and replaced