Travelers, tourism pros revel in new CDC guidance for fully vaccinated people

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is not recommending travel per se, it loosened its travel recommendations Friday.
The CDC says travel within the United States is OK a few weeks after the second COVID-19 vaccine dose is administered (or only dose if the Johnson & Johnson brand is administered).
Masks and distancing are still a must.
"If you're vaccinated but you throw those public health measures away, you are still putting yourself at risk even if you're vaccinated," said Dr. Manisha Juthani, an infectious disease physician with Yale Medicine.
The new guidance is great news for those getting their vaccinations or have appointments lined up, as well as travel agents whose businesses have struggled over the past year.
Travel advisor Noel Zanvettor says domestic bookings are already picking up through 2022 as folks plan the vacations they couldn't take last year.
"People had that savings, people added to that savings, and that's what we're seeing -- now people are taking grander trips," she said.
The CDC says vaccinated international travelers still need a negative test to return to the U.S., but not to leave the country.
"Every country may have a different rule. You may find some countries that are going to ask for your vaccination status. Some countries may ask for a test when you get there," Zanvettor said.
The Caribbean has been popular this year, she says, but most of Europe is still closed to international travel.
Iceland announced last week that international travelers could return to the country April 6 if they can show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test.