Trumbull residents say they're concerned after neighbor hangs Imperial German flag

Trumbull residents say they're concerned after a neighbor hung an Imperial German flag across their garage.
The black, white and red flag is marked with an Iron Cross in the center, and was once used in early German history without anti-Semitic connotation.
Neighbors say the flag was placed across the street from a Jewish family during the High Holy Days.
The homeowner tells News 12 the holiday was not a factor, and that the flag was a family heirloom.
The Anti-Defamation League says the imperial flag can be a symbol of hate, as many have turned to the it as a substitute for Nazi imagery.
The homeowner took the flag down as News 12 was filming, but residents say the flag is just the latest incident - and that he's known for revving his motorcycle at night.
Trumbull police say while they do have noise complaints on file, but they were not contacted about the flag.
The flag was replaced with a Trump 2020 banner Monday afternoon.