Trumbull women's group will decorate your lawn with pink flamingos

A Trumbull women's group will decorate your front lawn with pink-colored flamingos.
The group Trumbull Community Women is decorating front lawns in Trumbull with iconic, pink-colored flamingos in support of Trumbull EMS.
The group says they will decorate lawns in Trumbull for a donation of $25
The women say the decorations include a sign that shows support for Trumbull EMS and, of course, plenty of pink-colored flamingos.
They say the decorations will stay up on a property for two days before they are removed and placed at another location.
Nearly 70 properties have been decorated the past few months.
Decorations can also be ordered for a neighbor or friend's house.
The women say all proceeds will go toward the Trumbull EMS.
Trumbull EMS is made up of more than 100 members, both career and volunteer.
Chief Leigh Goodman says the town funds the department's operating budget, but anything extra is funded through donations.
"We get a lot of donations that we put into running community classes, offering classes, like we do classes for CPR and fall prevention to our seniors that we run at no cost," Goodman says.
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