Turn to Tara: A popular driving mode may not help you cut on fuel expenses. Here are the findings.

With gas prices going through the roof, many are desperate for tips to save a few bucks. But driver beware! Selecting "eco mode" in your car, might not be one of them.
Consumer Reports recently put the supposed fuel economy optimizer to the test, and tells News 12's Tara Rosenblum the results were disappointing.
"Well the idea of eco mode is the drivers are trying to help the engine mapping, and the transition mapping, get into the highest gear as quickly as possible, get that engine RPMS down low and try to save fuel, but it really doesn't do any of the sort," says Mike Quincy of Consumer Reports.
Their testing included stops and acceleration at various speeds. While there were no fuel savings in sight, the researchers did discover one benefit.
"If anything, it probably helps the driver to be more mindful to drive smoothly. To drive conservatively. To do what they can to not accelerate quickly," says Quincy.
If you want to cut back on gas expenses, Quincy says you have to do much more than just hit the eco button on your console.
He suggests checking your tire pressure once a month, especially when we transition from cold to warmer weather.
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