Turn to Tara: Is your home prepared for the next superstorm? Here are tips for homeowners.

Like it or not, extreme weather is the new normal, and we're heading into the time of year most superstorms strike.
But there are ways you can prepare your home and wallet, so it's more resilient to mother nature's wrath.
Sandy and Ida both left destructions across the tri-state area. Both storms showed us how catastrophic the flooding and property damage can be.
That's why the experts say the best time to be financially prepared for extreme weather is long before it hits.
John Tolley, a property damage insurance attorney, based in Brooklyn, helped dozens of local families recoup losses following Ida in 2021.
The deadly superstorm brought record amounts of rain to the tri-state, flooding thousands of properties, but not every homeowner was able to get their lives back on track quickly.
Below are some tips from Tolley for homeowners:
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