Uber, Lyft drivers say they are doing more deliveries than drop-offs with customers at home

As state officials have encouraged people to stay home due to coronavirus, many are using Uber and Lyft for deliveries instead.
David Pacheco, an Uber and Lyft driver in Stamford, says he has never seen roads empty in his six years in business.
He says he is still taking extra precautions, like making sure his car is always clean and disinfected before he leaves his home.
Pacheco says he feels like he's risking his life every day, even though he hasn't had a passenger in his car since March 12.
He says he finds deliveries strange, and enjoys having passengers in his car.
Pacheco says he welcomes the fact that Uber and Lyft drivers will be able to get paid through the government's stimulus package.
Uber and Lyft drivers who can't work wouldn't qualify for unemployment benefits because they do not pay into the system.
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