UConn: Data shows 45 percent hike in car crashes when daylight saving ends

Data from UConn shows there are more car crashes once daylight saving time ends.
According to UConn, from 2015-2017 there was a 45 percent increase in car crashes between 5 and 6 p.m. after daylight saving time ends. In that same time period there was a 43 percent increase in crashes involving pedestrians.
"People are rushing and want to get home," says Fran Mako, a spokesperson for AAA Northeast. "They're tired from a full day's work. They've got things on their mind and are thinking of their kids. They've got PTA meetings to go to that night so all this comes together and certainly is going to affect your driving."
Mako says drivers need to be alert and vigilant while driving when it gets dark earlier. She recommends slowing down and keeping an eye on the road.