UFOs land in Danbury

UFOs touched down in Danbury Wednesday, part of a gathering in the Northeastern United States.
The United Flying Octogenarians are a worldwide social organization of pilots and aviation enthusiasts all over the age of 80 who were still piloting their own planes when they joined.
"Flying is a passion for us," says Rob Barker, the group's regional manager. "When you have flown through the center of a rainbow, when you're in the sky for a sunset, flying becomes part of your soul."
Globally, the organization boasts 1,400 members. The Northeastern U.S. has about 300, and about 60 of them were on hand for the region's fly-in event.
The oldest current member is 106, but he no longer flies on his own, organizers say. The oldest flying member is 101.
Some of the pilots have even built their own airplanes.
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