UI, Fairfield, Bridgeport meet with Gov. Lamont about monopoles

Officials say all sides have started talking about the controversy over United Illuminating's plans to install monopoles in some sections of Fairfield.
Fairfield First Selectman Bill Gerber told News 12 Connecticut by phone Thursday afternoon that he met behind closed doors in Hartford Thursday with Gov. Ned Lamont, officials from Bridgeport, UI and the state Department of Transportation about the monopoles.
Gerber says this was a very good first step, and he says he even shared the disapproval of the people of Fairfield and everyone listened.
United Illuminating wants to install monopoles up to 145 feet tall along the train tracks in Fairfield, which UI says is property owned by the state Department of Transportation.
This is just over a seven mile stretch from the UI-Eversource transition structure in Fairfield to the Congress Street substation in Bridgeport, which UI says is a much needed upgrade.
But people who live close to the tracks say some homes, businesses and the environmental integrity of the landscape may be in jeopardy if UI is allowed to install the monopoles.
United Illuminating sent the following statement to News 12 Connecticut:
"The UI team appreciated the opportunity to meet today with the Lamont Administration, First Selectman Gerber, Bridgeport officials, and others on the Fairfield to Congress transmission line rebuild project. During the meeting, we shared information, made clarifications, and discussed at length our proposal that is pending before the Connecticut Siting Council. We look forward to continued discussions with all stakeholders involved as the Siting Council completes its process."
Gerber says he hopes this may be the start of something positive and he is welcoming further discussions.