Ukrainian American artist shares work inspired by her culture

A Norwalk artist originally from Ukraine is sharing with News 12 how heartbreaking it is to watch the Russian invasion unfold.
Oksana Tarnasiv is a Ukrainian American artist who says unless Western allies step up soon, Ukrainian liberty could hang in the balance.
"Some of the pieces, as you see, show my response to corruption, to greediness, to inequality," said Tarnasiv.
Even where her work isn't political, Tarnasiv likes to use traditional motifs and patterns from a Ukrainian culture she says Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to pretend doesn't exist.
"They don't care, they think that you don't exist, you're just part of Russia, which is very - it's ridiculous," she said.
Tarnasiv said she is concerned for her family back home as Ukrainian forces inflict unexpected losses on the invaders.
While Tarnasiv has gotten calls and messages of support from American friends all week, she says what Ukraine really needs is outside intervention.
NATO is supplying Ukraine with more weapons and air support. Tarnasiv said if the country was a full NATO member it could be better protected.
The Oksana Tanasiv Gallery is located at 70D South Main St. in Norwalk.