United Illuminating says it's prepared to minimize impact if supply chain issues cause winter blackouts

United Illuminating today reassured Connecticut residents that it has a system in place to minimize the impact if supply chain issues cause blackouts this winter.
The news was quite a relief for 55-year-old Dawna Melvin, of Bridgeport, who has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and uses an electric-powered nebulizer to deliver medication to keep her airways open so she can breathe comfortably.
Melvin says she's relieved to know that if blackouts do occur this winter, United Illuminating has a plan in place to get the power back on quickly — so she won't have to go to a shelter or a hotel to plug in her machine, which does not have a battery backup.
United Illuminating CEO Frank Reynolds tells News 12 that the public utility is prepared for the worst.
ISO New England, the operator of the region's power grid says supply chain issues this week related to the delivery of oil and liquefied natural gas are placing New England's power system at heightened risk heading into the winter season.
"Really, what we want our customers to know is that we are prepared. Should anything occur to the extent of what the ISO pointed out, we will make sure we mitigate the impact on our customers to the best of our ability," Reynolds says.
UI is encouraging customers to make sure their homes are well-insulated and their HVAC systems are running efficiently this winter.