UPDATE: Arrest warrant details Lyft driver’s injuries after attack, how Darien police caught suspect

The Lyft passenger accused of stabbing a driver over the summer during a trip through Darien is now being held at Bridgeport Correctional Center on $500,000 bond. Abiola Shonowo, 28, was caught in Maryland soon after but wasn’t formally charged in Connecticut until recently. Shonowo, of Baltimore, MD, was extradited to Connecticut earlier this month and arraigned on charges of robbery, attempt to commit assault and larceny.
On the night of June 26, the victim picked up Shonowo on Cowing Place in Stamford, headed toward the South Norwalk Train Station, according to his arrest warrant. The warrant said less than a mile into their trip, right after crossing into Darien, Shonowo said something the driver didn't understand, then grabbed the driver and began stabbing him from behind. The victim told Darien police "he purposely crashed his vehicle into a tree to stop the suspect's assault," then "he pretended to be unconscious" to be left alone. He said Shonowo stole his cellphone and ran off.
The victim went to the hospital with three deep slashes to his right forearm, two large stab wounds to his right shoulder, and a laceration behind his right ear, all of which needed stitches, according to the warrant. Police also noted, "he did not have full movement of his thumb and pointer on his right hand."
The crash happened on West Avenue near Holmes Avenue. Police said they searched the area for Shonowo that night but never found him. GPS tracking of the victim's cellphone later showed Shonowo made his way to the Noroton Heights Train Station and took a train to Grand Central, according to the warrant. Cameras at Noroton Heights also captured what police called "a very clear image" of the suspect's face.
The warrant stated Shonowo's Lyft account information used a fake name, but his cellphone number gave police his real identity. Shonowo has no prior criminal history in Connecticut but was on probation in Maryland for dangerous weapon concealment, assault and failure to appear. Police spoke with his probation officer in Baltimore on July 5, who told them she knew of no connection he had to Connecticut. She called back the next day to say Shonowo was arrested down there for burglary and had several cellphones, including the victim’s, according to the warrant.
It also said a search of the crash area a few days after the incident found the possible assault weapon—a blade similar to a box cutter that was positive for blood. It’s been sent out for DNA testing.