USDA: Turkey prices up 22% from last year

Thanksgiving is two weeks from today and it's probably going to cost you more for a turkey this year.
Analysts say bird prices and turkeys, in particular, are soaring.
The USDA says frozen turkey prices on average are up 22% from last year.
According to the Department of Agriculture, frozen birds between 8 and 16 pounds cost a quarter more per pound than they did last year.
Experts say the smaller and fresher turkeys are the ones that will cost the most this year, possibly twice as much per pound.
Holbrook resident Evelyn Stevens was looking for a smaller turkey, but was only finding larger ones at decent prices.
"They were tremendous," Stevens says. "...Enormous ones were like $35. I just want a small turkey, like 10 pounds maybe or something so we'll see if we find one."
The price increases are being blamed on a drop in production and inflation.
Some Long Islanders are thinking of serving something different on the holidays this year because of the increase in prices.
Experts say to get the price you want, you may want to shop early.