VOTE 2022: Early voting, Senate seat and more – what else to expect on Connecticut's ballot

The Connecticut gubernatorial race is a rematch of 2018 – but it's not the only thing voters are deciding on this Election Day.
Some towns in Connecticut saw races for local offices, such as the school board, get really heated last year. This year, voters will be deciding on who represents them in Hartford and Washington, and whether early voting is coming to the state.
Many expect the midterm elections to break records for voter participation because of the seesaw balance of power in Washington.
Democrats are battling to maintain control of the Senate, and in the House, all 435 seats are on the ballot.
"Make no mistake, democracy is on the ballot for all of us,” said President Joe Biden.
In Hartford, all state Senate and House seats are on the ballot, although some representatives are running unopposed.
Statewide offices including governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, treasurer and comptroller are up for grabs.
Concerns about elections and democracy mean races for attorney general are in the spotlight across the country.
Polls show there is no escaping the impact of inflation and concerns about the economy. Taxes are also a perennial hot button issue in Connecticut.
While Republicans say abortion rights are not at risk in the Nutmeg State, reaction to the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade reaches everywhere.
"Fundamental rights are on the ballot,” said former President Barack Obama.
New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island all have early voting. Connecticut voters will get to decide if they want to follow suit.