Vandal breaks statue at Stamford church

A vandal broke a statue at Basilica of Saint John the Evangelist in Stamford late Saturday night.
The church says someone used a rock to break Mary's hand and the face of baby Jesus on the statue.
During Mass on Monday afternoon, Father Albert Audette informed church parishioners about the vandalism but does not believe it was a hate crime.
"I would have heard something I think if people didn’t like the Catholic church,” says Audette. “We’re praying for them, that's all we can say.”
The congregation was left outraged and in disbelief.
"I really am disheartened about the lack of respect for the church that some people show without expressing any kind of conscience. It's just unconscionable,” says worshiper Bill Lasko.
If the statue is ever replaced, Audette says it should be made of metal. This is not the first time this statue has been defaced.
He says surveillance cameras in the yard were off at the time of the incident.
Stamford police are investigating the incident.