Vandals target historic buildings at Sleeping Giant State Park, cause thousands of dollars in damage

Sleeping Giant State Park in Hamden is one of the state's most popular and scenic spots. But lately, nature-lovers and hikers aren't the only ones drawn to it.
"We've had some graffiti issues the last month or so. Every week there's something up here that's redone," said Park Supervisor Jill Scheibenpflug.
Scheinbenpflug told News 12 vandals have defaced a series of historical structures in the quarry, spray-painting cartoons and crude language.
"They think what they're doing is art. Well, in some places, I guess it is art. On a historical building, it's vandalism," she said.
Sleeping Giant Park Association, the volunteer organization that helps maintain the park, posted about the issue on Facebook, writing the clean-up will cost thousands of dollars. Scheibenpflug said the special solution used to remove the graffiti costs $85-95 dollars per gallon, and the effort takes a lot of manpower.
"We managed to figure out how to hook our pressure washer to the fire truck which holds about 250 gallons, so we do that, and it's been taking it off. But it's a lot of work, and it's a lot of money," she reiterated.
Those who get caught are on the hook for the cost of cleaning, along with a fine. Vandals could also be looking at a felony charge because the buildings are historic.
Scheinbenpflug said anyone who sees something should call park security.
"I would like hikers to at least report it. You know, don't approach the people doing it because…we don't want any confrontations in the woods. But at least report it," she told News 12.
Scheinbenpflug said pictures of two young men caught in the most recent act have been turned over to park security.