Veterans in Stamford are helping fellow veterans face long hospital stays with toy planes

Nearly 1,000 toy planes, some worth up to $400, were donated to the American Legion from a collector. 
Navy veteran George Bucanic says he and others are working to find a new home for all of them. 
Bucanic says one person was in charge of the planes. He went through each box to make sure all of the parts were there. 
“Jimmy went through every box,” says Bucanic. “It took him six to eight months.” 
Before Jimmy passed away, he had a plan to get the planes to the VA Hospital in West Haven where veterans will be able to build them and hang them on the ceiling. 
“It’s a challenge for them to put it together and they enjoy that,” says Bucanic. 
Stamford resident Tony Vitti donated his truck to help deliver the planes to the hospital. 
“I’m 81 years old and I respect those people,” says Vitti. “I know what they did.” 
Though the pandemic has prevented them from delivering them right now, Bucanic and Vitti say they are ready when the time is right. 
The tentative date for delivery of the toy planes is February 2022.