Vets take extra precaution treating pets during virus outbreak

The science shows pets cannot get COVID-19, but veterinarians are still taking proper precautions when treating pets.
Staff at the Engelberg-Kristy Animal Hospital in Fairfield are working to keep social distancing goals by picking up customers' pets curbside.
They say they're limiting the building to one customer and their pet at a time, and disinfecting before and after people leave the hospital. The staff also says they're extending their office to the parking lot.
They're also doing many more things over the phone these days, and if you don't have to come in for your appointment, they're encouraging you not to and to follow the CDC's guidelines.
Other veterinarians tell News 12 they are putting an emphasis on owner safety. They say that although pets cannot get COVID-19, it can be passed along in their fur.
They recommend keeping six feet away from other people and pets while out walking your dog, and to not let anyone pet your dog.
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