Victim's mother feels threatened after dog attack

A neighborhood in Stratford is divided over who is to blame for a dog attack that left a little girl injured, a dog euthanized and the victim's mother feeling threatened.
The attack happened on Avon Street several months ago. Authorities say a 6-year-old girl wandered out of her yard when Rocky, a pit bull mix, attacked her. Police say the child was injured so badly, she was in the hospital for days.
After the attack, authorities ruled to have Rocky euthanized. The dog's owner, John Rogers, appealed the ruling, but lost. Rocky was locked up in the Stratford animal shelter for months before being euthanized last week.
Now, police say Lori Stern, the victim's mother, found posters around the town saying she is a murderer. Some of the posters also stated that if Stern had been watching her child, the attack would not have happened.
Stern moved away from Avon Street on Sunday. She also filed harassment and intimidation charges. Stratford police say they ordered Rogers to take down the signs, which he did.
Neither Stern nor Rogers would comment on the situation.