Video shows slick plan to steal cooking oil at Cos Cob pizza shop go awry with oil spilling everywhere

Video shows thieves trying to make off with cooking oil from a pizza place.

Mark Sudol

May 6, 2022, 9:39 PM

Updated 742 days ago


A crime at Arcuri's Pizza and Salad in Cos Cob early Wednesday did not go well for the suspects.
Shortly after 3 a.m. a white van pulled up to the back of the business.
"Two gentlemen got out and attempted to steal the cooking oil from a secured container," said Greenwich police Lt. Martin O'Reilly. 
Arcuri's gave its security video exclusively to News 12 Connecticut. The video shows the men trying to get the oil into a van.
"When they started pumping it into the van they had with them they were not successful. The oil started spewing all over the place," said O'Reilly.
Police say the men wanted the cooking oil to process it into a clean bio diesel fuel. 
"To drive all over and try to find a place to steal cooking oil from and to be successful at it you're probably burning more money in fuel than you are in profiting from the oil you're stealing," said O'Reilly.
By the time the suspects were ready to go, they left most of the 40 gallons they pumped all over the parking lot.
Police say the suspects have not been found, but the investigation continues.

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