Vigil held in Newtown to honor the victims of Texas school shooting

Thousands of miles away from Uvalde, Texas, parents in Newtown say they know the exact pain the parents in Uvalde are feeling following the deadly shooting at a school there.
The Newtown Interfaith Council brought the community together inside the Trinity Episcopal Church on Main Street in Newtown to honor the 21 victims who died in yet another school shooting.
Sandy Hook parents have been fighting for change in gun laws, specifically the expansion of background checks for firearm purchases.
Now nearly 10 years later, they say change is being held back by those in power.
"Overall generally after the Sandy Hook shooting tragedy, we changed the national conversation. The majority of Americans support common sense gun laws, there's only a fraction of Americans who don't support it and won't pass these measures. It's up on Capitol Hill, there are 51 senators who are blocking many of the proposals," said Po Murrary, with Newtown Action Alliance.
After the vigil inside the church, the group had a silent protest down the street at the National Shooting Sports Foundation headquarters.
Parents in Newtown Thursday night said they want to see the expansion of safe storage laws and background checks when a person purchases a firearm.
Sen. Richard Blumenthal attended the march and said the conversations in the Senate have already started between Democrats and Republicans and he says he feels like some of his colleagues are starting to listen for the first time in 10 years.