Vigilant Norwalk mom catches prescription flub

A local parent is calling on all parents to double check their children?s prescriptions after a mix-up of her own.
Debbie Ryan says when her 2-year-old got sick, his pediatrician called in a prescription for an antibiotic to CVS. Ryan says she questioned the dosage, two teaspoons twice a day for 10 days, when she picked up the prescription. According to Ryan, she asked the pharmacist to double check the directions, and was told they were correct.
Ryan says she was still unsure when she got home, so she called the pediatrician?s office, Park Street Pediatrics.
?I spoke to a nurse and they said absolutely not, that?s one teaspoon twice a day, it?s incorrect,? Ryan says.
A CVS spokesman says the error did not happen at the pharmacy. He says the doctor?s office called in the directions and the prescription was filled as directed.
The doctor?s office says Ryan did the right thing by double checking the prescription and directions.
Meanwhile, Ryan says she understands people make mistakes and plans on returning to both the doctor?s office and pharmacy.