Vineyard Wind announces potential partnership to create wind farms

A wind power company wants to partner with a local business to bring more jobs and economic growth to the area.
Vineyard Wind is one of three companies that have submitted plans to the state to develop offshore wind farms.
If Vineyard's bid goes through, Seymour's Kerite will become the first tier-one offshore wind supplier in the United States. It would manufacture specific offshore cables needed for the Park City Wind Project.
Vineyard Winds CEO Lars Pedersen says the foundation of the turbines would be built at Bridgeport Harbor, and that more than 12,000 jobs would be created over 30 years.
Kerite, also known as Marmon Utility LLC, has been making cables for more than 150 years but never supplied to the offshore wind sector.
"This could be transformational for our company. It's not just about delivering cables for the Park City project, but we're looking to be a global player in the offshore wind market," says Marmon Utility President Angelo Santamaria.
Pedersen is hoping if the plan is accepted, that more than 600,000 homes would be powered by the wind farms. His plan is to turn Barnum Landing at Bridgeport Harbor into an 18-acre construction facility where they can build and ship wind turbines.
"It would strengthen the grid locally, create more economic activity for Bridgeport, it would transform an underutilized waterfront that would benefit our project, but certainly more projects to come," says Pedersen.
The state will decide on who gets the bid in November.