Virtual food drive rakes in $50k+ in donations for Fairfield County food bank

A local organization says it is grateful for the continued support of a national travel company headquartered in western Connecticut.
Kate Lombardo, executive director of the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, knows what it means to live in poverty. She says 11 million Americans have become poor in these last few months of the pandemic.
Norwalk's travel giant Priceline is one of the food bank's biggest contributors. In past years, employees made the trip across Route 1 to Costco to buy thousands of dollars worth of food.
This year, due to the pandemic, Priceline is doing a virtual food drive. They raised more than $58,000, which was doubled thanks to the company's match.
The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County says $100 can feed a family of six for a month.
Priceline says it is also working on other charitable contributions to help children in need during the holidays.