WalletHub: NY ranks as best state for summer 2022 road trips

If you are looking for a fun road trip destination this summer, you won't have search far.
New York was ranked as the 2022 best state for summer road trips, according to WalletHub.
Near the bottom of the list (No. 49) was Connecticut. New Jersey was just up the list at No. 45.
Minnesota and Texas rounded out the top three destinations after New York. The worst state for summer road trips was Rhode Island.
To find the best and worst states for this survey, WalletHub compared the U.S. states across three key dimensions: costs, safety and activities.

Here's part of the reason New York fared as the top destinations (1=Best; 25=Avg.):

1 – Number of Attractions
14 – Lowest Price of Three-Star Hotel Room
3 – Nightlife Options per Capita
1 – Vehicle Miles Traveled per Capita
6 – Car Thefts per Capita
14 – Access to Scenic Byways
28 – Lowest Price of Camping
1 – Driving Laws Rating
9 – Fatalities per 100 Million Vehicle Miles Traveled