War anniversary marked with Marine's return

A Norwalk marine is returning home from a tour in Iraq this week, just in time to mark the fifth anniversary of the war.
For the family of 23-year-old Marine Jaeson Rabbit, the welcome home is bittersweet. They are celebrating their unharmed son?s return while mourning the anniversary of the conflict in Iraq.
?We have to finally say enough is enough,? said Ed Rabbit. The Marine?s father says he can?t stand the thought of seeing his son return to Iraq for a second tour. He is proud of his son and grateful for the men and women who have served, but he feels that the war should come to an end.
However, Rep. Christopher Shays is confident about Iraq and agrees with President Bush?s latest speech on the state of the war. He believes the past year in Iraq has been progressive.
Rabbit hopes that his son will remain in the U.S., where he can go back to college and study law enforcement.