Scattered showers Wednesday with chance of record-high warmth

Rain chances continue through Thursday with mild temperatures in the 50s.

News 12 Staff

Jan 3, 2023, 6:12 PM

Updated 538 days ago


NOW AND NEW: Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Steve Teeling says it will be cloudy with areas of fog overnight and a few scattered showers are possible. Wednesday will be mostly cloudy with some showers from time to time. It will be very mild with a high near 60 degrees, which would be a record.
NEXT: It will trend colder into the end of the week and the weekend, but temps will still be slightly above normal for this time of year. Late Saturday into Saturday night, there could be some rain and snow showers possible.
TONIGHT: Cloudy with areas of fog and a few scattered showers. Low of 46.
WEDNESDAY: Mostly cloudy and very mild with some showers from time to time. High of 60.
THURSDAY: Mostly cloudy and cooler with a few scattered showers. High of 50.
FRIDAY: Mostly cloudy with a few scattered showers. High of 43.
SATURDAY: Mostly cloudy with a rain or snow shower possible late day. High of 42.
SUNDAY: Partly sunny. High of 41.

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