Warm weather through Saturday before rain returns on Sunday

Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Michele Powers says there will be one more day of abnormally warm weather and record breaking temperatures before rain cools things off.
NOW & NEW: Saturday will feature temperatures 15-20 degrees above normal. There will be clouds at night and temperatures will fall back to near 50 degrees. Rain will develop on Sunday and be on and off in the late morning and early afternoon.
NEXT: Due to rain on Sunday, temperatures will be cooler and generally in the middle 50s. It will be slightly warmer on Monday with lower 60s and showers continue. Temperatures will turn much colder on Halloween, falling into the 30s at night.
FULL MOON: Hunter's Moon is Saturday. Because of this, tides will run a bit high - up to ½ ft higher. Jupiter will pair with the moon over the weekend. Unfortunately, the clouds may ruin the good view.
SATURDAY: Warm. Record highs? High of 78.
SUNDAY: Cooler, shower chance. High of 55.
MONDAY: Showers. High of 60.
HALLOWEEN: Mostly cloudy. Chilly. High of 52
WEDNESDAY: Partly sunny - watching potential storm offshore for mid/late week rain. High 48.