Warrant: Video shows Amazon driver fondle elderly woman in Norwalk

Videos from inside a delivery van show an Amazon driver fondle an elderly woman who has cognitive issues, according to the suspect’s arrest warrant.
Norwalk police arrested Gabriel Alfaro, 24, of Rocky Hill, Wednesday on a charge of fourth-degree sexual assault. Alfaro’s warrant said he met the victim at a gas station on the Post Road in Fairfield on May 5. The victim told police she'd taken a cab to a doctor's appointment nearby but didn't have a way back, so she walked over to see if someone could help. That's where she flagged down an Amazon van.
“The victim requested a ride back to Norwalk and the suspect, who was operating his Amazon delivery van, decided he would bring her back to Norwalk,” said Lt. Tomasz Podgorski.
Cameras inside the vehicle recorded Alfaro helping the victim in when she couldn't get up through the passenger door, according to the warrant.
"Alfaro came to her side and then led the victim into the vehicle through the side cargo door. The victim is seen walking with a cane to the passenger seat. Alfaro then typed on his cell phone, helped the victim put on a seat belt, and began to drive,” the warrant said.
It also said later footage from the van shows them arrive at the Red Carpet Inn where the woman took out money from her pocket and attempted to pay Alfaro, but he declined.
It's what allegedly happened next that got police involved.
The warrant stated, "Alfaro helped the victim out of the vehicle by using his right hand and placing it between her legs and left hand around her back. He then fondled the victim's breasts with his right hand."
“Any kind of case where a victim suffers some sort of trauma or sexual abuse is disturbing, and our police officers and detectives work hard and efficiently to get that person brought to justice and get the victim the help that they need,” Podgorski explained.
The detective on the case reached out to Alfaro and left a message saying she wanted to speak with him about an incident in Norwalk, but he never called her back, the warrant said. It also said Alfaro worked for an Amazon subcontractor and was fired from his job. An Amazon spokesperson deferred all comments to police.
Alfaro is being held on a $75,000 bond and appears in court next on Nov. 8.