Watertown middle school issues 2-hour delay due to police investigation into rumors of shooting

A Watertown middle school had a two-hour delay today due to a police investigation involving rumors about a shooting taking place at the school, law enforcement officials say.
Police say a student at Swift Middle School in Watertown overheard a classmate make a comment to the effect that the school was going to "get shot up tomorrow," police say.
Police say they conducted both an interior and exterior search of the campus buildings and found nothing unusual.
The Watertown Police Department says it worked with the Board of Education to investigate an uncorroborated rumor overheard Wednesday that an act of violence would be taking place at Swift Middle School today.
The Watertown Police Department says they have information to believe that there was no valid threat.
Out of an abundance of caution the Board of Education said they would have additional police presence for the full day, as well as counselors available for any faculty and staff.
 In addition, the Watertown Police Department along with Watertown Public School security staff monitored all schools today for extra precaution.